Social Influence with Pam Moore

September 19, 2012

Note: There was no free wi-fi at iSummit, which prevented my liveblogging the conference. But I did take notes. So I’ll be using them to continue my iSummit coverage over the coming days. Not as exciting, I know. Regardless, I hope can create a bit of conversation here.

Pam Moore at iSummit

One of my favorite speakers at iSummit was Pam Moore (aka @PamMktgNut). I’ve followed her online for years and found her to be a pioneer in online marketing and always good for inspiration for my own efforts. As a major social media influencer herself, it’s appropriate that her first talk at iSummit was on Social Influence.

Moore started off with a warning to those looking to get involved in social media. Get comfortable being uncomfortable is the first thing you need to know about social media. Because the pace of change in social media is frightening.

We started with a definition of influence. Influence is when you are able to cause an action that has a measurable outcome. The measurable part is key. Who cares if you get 1000 actions unless they’re taken by people who matter.

Breaking down influence a bit more. You’ll want to track reach, relevance, and resonance.

Reach is how far your message will go. Moore recommends using whatever analytics package works with the channel you’re using. She’s also found that a little amplification is a big help. Using an amplification like platform Triberr (also presenting at iSummit), you can use your own network and their networks as well to really grow your reach.

Relevance comes from three factors: Authority, Trust, and Affinity. If those sound familiar, it’s because they’re crucial criteria for when you’re creating online content. They’re also used by Google, Facebook, and other social networks in their algorithms that decide which content you’re most likely to find interesting.

The final part of the influence equation is resonance. Resonance equals reach + relevance. It’s also specific to each individual person receiving your message.

So how do you grow your social influence? Moore believes you have to stand on two solid pillars of quality and quantity. You need both. Use the influence equation of reach + relevance to build strong resonance in your audience and grow your social capital.

“Social capital is the key that will help you unlock your social influence and help you find new touch points with your audience,” says Moore. She admits to looking at Kred and Klout, both trackers of social capital, but is happier that her Technorati rank is high for small business blogs. Small business blogs better represents her audience and a higher rank there shows her resonance is good.

Moore ended her talk with a few tips to crack the Social Influence nut:

  1. Know where you’re going and why. See Groundswell book and follow the POST strategy with goals and metrics tacked on.
  2. Know your audience. People don’t buy things, they join things. You don’t just by an iPhone, you join the community of iPhone owners. Also, remember the conversation is not tied to a single social network. Don’t copy your neighbor, they may not know what they’re doing either.
  3. Don’t be a puppet. Think outside the box
  4. Balance the art and the science. (Search for Pam’s video on the heartbeat of social). Identify influencers who have won the hearts of their communities. You want to be able to tap into Other Peoples Communities (OPCs).
  5. Humanize it. The human algorithm is now. Optimize your social plan for social objects for people. Likes, shares, and comments now drives organic search results. Particularly Google+ and Facebook.

What are you doing to track and increase social influence for yourself and your clients?

Here are a few tweets from the audience of her talk:

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